duminică, 7 decembrie 2014

Random thoughts: Ethology, psychoanalysis

When you were just a little child, still living under dependence of the adults around, your mind was in a special state that allowed the process of imprinting to structure your physical brain, which, in turn, would structure the way your ears, eyes, feet and all physical body would develop.

Although part of it has to do with genetics, part of what will form, what Freud called ID (identity) has to do with first experiences, situations that exhibit novelty in the already acquired memories. The science of mirrors (catoptrics, following the studies of Lacan regarding the mirror stage) establishes a connection between the physical brain (how it's structured in terms of information and synapses) with the physical appearance of the exterior body and explains how one becomes conscious about his own existence as a separate entity from the environment and people around.

The experience of first seeing a car on the street, is something that forever will change the mind of the little child, he will gaze at it and think of long after: the world he lives in has cars that are driven by others. For the mind of the adult this feels natural, he cannot conceive that it could be amazing for the small one. But amazing, the sensation that we feel when we find about something new is what it feels like when an imprinting occurs. "A-ha", I got it. It is in that instant that new connections between neurons are established and a feeling of joy and pleasure surrounds the body.

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